“Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain [saint] which spake…”

These first words of Daniel 8:13 show what follows to describe an experience which is not a part of the vision he has just related. In describing the vision, Daniel always writes “I saw.” In verse 13, Daniel writes “I heard.” Clearly a new kind of experience is now being related.

“One saint” and “that certain saint” is Jesus Christ and “another saint” is Gabriel. We see this as we compare verse 13 with verses 15-17. In these verses there are also two heavenly beings speaking, and we naturally infer that they are the same as the “certain saint” and the “another saint,” respectively, of verse 13. The first Being (other than Daniel) of verses 15-17 has the likeness of a man and gives command to Gabriel. This Being must be Michael, Gabriel’s direct Superior and the only other Angel privy to the prophetic  knowledge being shared with Gabriel (Daniel 10:21). Thus, “one saint” (which can also be translated, “the first angel”) must be Michael, the Archangel.

It is very significant prophetically that in verse 13, Daniel introduces Christ as “one saint” which may also be translated “first angel”!  In the same verse he also calls Him simply “that certain.”  The Hebrew word translated “certain” here is palmoni. This word has a great richness which is covered up by the word certain. A marginal note from the translators gives that palmoni actually means “the wonderful numberer.”

To understand Daniel 8:13-19 is to understand the prophetic foundation of end-time Adventism – the message from Jesus the First Angel, containing the two massive time prophecies from Jesus the Wonderful Numberer.



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