The Reform-line of Daniel 8 and 9

Daniel 8 and 9 are perhaps the two most “Adventist” chapters of the whole Bible. Thus, were these chapters to present one continuous end-time narrative, we would see this story to be that of Seventh-day Adventism.

We believe that just such a narrative is told symbolically by the Reform-line/Lamp-pattern structure of the two Bible chapters most fundamental to Adventism.

The interactive document posted below presents this symbolic picture of Adventism’s “final redemption” history, but first it presents 1) a review of the Reform-line Pattern, 2) pattern fulfillment by the “final redemption” history, and 3) an introduction to the Lamp Pattern (a reform-line perspective by which Daniel 8 and 9’s end-time story-significance is more clearly brought to view)

Seventh-day Adventism at the End of the World



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